Thursday, February 26, 2009

Newton Marshall places 13th out of 29 in the Yukon Quest!!!!!!!!

Fanatstic news greeted the JDT family today-Newton has completed the Quest, and not only completed but placed 13th out of 29!!!!!!!!
This is a great accomplishment and everyone is soooo proud of Newton.
Who would have thought that the JDT would have soared to such heights? certainly not even the visionary behind it, Danny Melville.
No pictures as yet but will post as soon as possible.
Congrats again Newton this is fantastic news!!!!


zRö TöLéRàNçE said...

I've been researching this great phenomenon and love the way Jamaicans can show that it's only the minority that are into crime/violence. The rest are here to shock the world!

DakotahJohn said...

Great Mushing, Newton!
From a guy who lived in Alaska for 10 years, I think you are a True Pioneer to Even Attempt finishing the YUKON QUEST, World's Toughest Sled Dog Race, and now you've proved you're One Of the Best!!
Congratulations on your Great Finish!!

Muskrat Kennels said...

Wonderful run, Newton! As fun as it was to follow Hugh and Sebastian, it was twice as fun to tell everyone I know about YOU! Great run!!!! Hope you have enjoyed your well earned rest and know that us Northern Idaho (lower 48er mushers) are cheering for you. Looking forward to yours, Devon's, Robb's and all of the rest of the sunshine runners next season! We're with DakotahJ there. You can now say you have more than proved that you can stand toe to toe with the best.

Mush on!

Chief, Olaf, Ace, Ellie, Mugsy, their humans, and the team. :)