Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Newton at the Pelly Crossing~contributed by Danny


A sequence of photos of Newton on the trail between McCabe and Pelly Crossing.

Love that Jamaican flagJ

Newton is now sleeping at Pelly and will leave at 3:00am for the most lonely section of this incredible race; 210 miles to Dawson City; no facilities, he must sleep with his dogs on the trail; no roads; no people; only one checkpoint.

One mush


Anonymous said...

Newton- I check the Fairbanks News Miner each day to see your ranking.Plenty of others scratching and you are hanging in there and moving up.Way to go! I was born and raised in Alaska. Spent the first five years in a cabin in the bush with a dog team.My dad ran the Ititarod in 1982. I could never do it- too cold for me. I lived in Belize for awhile and recently landed back in Alaska.I've sent the story along to my island friends down there and they are getting a kick out of it.It's fun following your progress.Maybe I'll catch you at the finish line. Stay Warm, Nara

Hannah said...

Newton - you are doing Jamaica proud!!!!!

Hang in there.. we are all routing for you..

Ps. Ryan & Ian love to see the pictures of you in the Snow. They are facinated...


Anonymous said...

As a fellow Jamaican living in Canada I take my hat of to you because I know how cold it can be. You could not pay me to be out in the cold for that length of time.

DakotahJohn said...

Fantastic Run by Newton Marshall in a race that has seen 9 other "Arctic-tested" mushers scratch for various reasons....
Included in the list of mushers scratching are Hans Gatt, a three-time race champion, and Dave Dalton....a four-time top five finisher!!
Jamaica can be Very Proud of Newton's Accomplishments!!
Is he running the Iditarod as well??