Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Haliburton Finals~contributed by Ken Davis

Hello....We had another fantastic weekend. The race organizers were tireless and managed to put on a very good race. Even though it was +9C and raining on Thursday the trail held up so that both days it was a nice hard, fast trail. This trail is very hilly and curvy. It is tough on both dogs and driver because of the high speeds and the sharp curves. There is no falling asleep out there. This is also a very competitive race since it has a $10,000 purse and a good reputation for putting on a great race. I ran the 4-Dog Pro and finished 4th out of 22 after 2 days of racing. (7km each day). Robb ran the 6-dog Pro and was 4th after Saturday's run but had some trouble on Sunday. The team ran very well but it was just -1C and sunny when he went out. By the last 2km of 11km one of the dogs was having problems and the dog went down. Robb hooked down and loaded her in a very fast and safe manner then took off. The dogs is fine, she was a little over heated but recovered quickly. Robb did the right thing and did it so well that he only dropped 1 place. He finished 5th out of 17 teams in a extremely competitive class and after having to load a dog. That's racing! There are no trophies at Haliburton but we both recieved nice payouts. There were a lot of spectators and everybody seemed to enjoy the event. We also went downtown to the water front right after the 6-Dog event to do a meet-and-greet the 'Jamaican Musher'. There was a huge crowd and Robb and the dogs were a big hit. We had so much fun that this is a must do race for us every year. Ken

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yourmarylandagent said...

Hey Ken,
Just took a chance & googled my favorite brother-in-law & there you were!!!! Congratulations!

I have wonderful memories of visiting you & Donna & have told the story of my wonderful trip, your "dog beach" & those beautiful & well-behaved dogs many times!!

The boiled walleye is still a favorite dinner of all time!!

I love you both -Joanie