Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Winners of the Ultimate Jamaica Villa Adventure Vacation

Congratulations Dale and Anne Babala!

These two are the first lucky winners of the Ultimate Jamaica Villa Vacation, which was contributed by Chukka Caribbean Adventures, the Jamaica Dogsled Team and WestJet Vacations for the fundraising event in Calgary October 2008.

Dale and Anne had a wonderful time in the beautiful island of Jamaica. They stayed in Danny Melville's wonderfully breathtaking villa by the cove at Chukka Cove Farm in Llandovery St. Ann.

The couple was entertained for their entire stay which lasted for 8 days and seven nights with adventurous tours at their disposal. On top of it all Dale and Anne were treated to some of the most superb Jamaican dishes which was accompanied with all the tropical delights imagineable.

Anne and Dale-we salute you, your welcome back anytime!

Anne and Dale on the patio at the villa
Anne and Dale at the Villa where they stayed for their one week adventure
Getting ready to go out on the Dogsled Experience tour
On tour with RObb on a nice cool day!
On tour with Robb.
Whoooo! What a great ride!

Anne, Dale, Sarah and of course Marbles trying to get into the picture
The couple poses with Marbles and Sarah